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We compete in a wide variety of sports, such as agility, nosework, obedience, tracking, shed hunt, barn hunt, and more! As such, we value drive and biddability, as well as temperament, structure, and health. We love a dog that can do it all, a dog that's a joy to train with, and a best friend at the end of the day!

Emily Meko, the owner of Fernweh GSP is a dog trainer, specializing in scent detection, rally obedience, as well as puppy foundations. Fernweh puppy families will receive lifetime support in their training endeavours, and we are always happy to help you learn and try new sports with your dog!

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunting dog, bred to point birds, hunt and track game, and retrieve. These highly intelligent and athletic dogs thrive in a home that can provide them with adequate physical exercise and mental stimulation.  They still excel as versatile hunters, and their versatility makes them an excellent choice for many sports, such as agility, nosework, tracking, rally and obedience, shed hunt, dock diving, barnhunt, and just about anything else you ask of them! 



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